The much-hyped Salapao Ko Uan, from Hat Yai, has opened its second branch in Bangkok, in a cool, blue container in the heart of Silom.

Tucked behind Bangkok Bank's headquarters, the takeaway venue serves the same goodies as the Asok branch.

Do try the super fluffy steamed buns (B20-22) with interesting fillings like shrimp and salted egg, as well as the crunchy fried ones (B25) like barbecue pork with salted egg.

Salapao Ko Uan (Silom)曼谷Salapao Ko Uan (Silom)曼谷Salapao Ko Uan (Silom)曼谷Salapao Ko Uan (Silom)曼谷Salapao Ko Uan (Silom)曼谷Salapao Ko Uan (Silom)曼谷

Salapao Ko Uan (Silom)曼谷

Salapao Ko Uan (Silom)曼谷

餐厅电话:02-636-6608营业时间:Mon-Sat 7am-4pm地理位置:Silom餐厅菜色:Chinese餐厅地址:Salapao Ko Uan (Silom), In front of Villa Market, Trinity Complex, Silom Rd.,Bangkok, Thailand附近交通:BTS Chong Nonsi餐厅网址